Founder and CEO Vance Pascua a 5th degree Black Belt under SGM Francis Hosaka and SGM Lucky Ventar in the Kajukenbo System with over 38 years in the Martial Arts.

 Also inducted in the Masters Hall of fame in 2010 and Action Martial Arts Hall of fame in 2014.

    With over 12 years of promoting MMA and kickboxing events on Kauai and has also branched off to promote Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions, which hasnt been done on Kauai for over 20 years.

   Vance's passion to help Kauai's athletes get opportunities without having to travel aboard which he did not have growing up on the island when he was a youngster drives him today to provide that opportunities for our Kauai residence.

 Ainofea ( I No Fear) was founded by Sifu Vance to give our youth a positive, no fear attitude for life!!!

    One Life! Live it!


                                                  AINOFEA !!